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7 Best Java Books for Beginners

How about having all the resources under one roof to learn JAVA! There are a ton of books out there that are trying to do that.

Android Development as it is, is not something you can learn in a day. The blog posts here have been trying to advocate only that right from the beginning. I have been asked about writing blog posts on Java and its basics to understand Android Better. This blog is aimed mainly at creating free and affordable courses only on Android!


With the coming of lot of internet based courses, its better to have a quick understanding of the Java language easily. Books seem to be a good quick guide, contains lot of good practices from the author(Lot of Online courses don’t). Below, i have compiled the best Books to understand the JAVA easily. I have done my best to sort them based on their reviews and their price. Start learning the language as early as you can!!

1.Core Java – Vol.1 – Fundamentals 

Java book 1
Core Java – Vol.1 – Fundamentals

Top of the list is obviously the best book for any newbie and professional alike, Core Java – Vol. I – Fundamentals. The book is part of a 4 part series. Book written by Cay.S. Horstmann starts off with a simple yet powerful introduction to JAVA and its usage and goes straight up into using this powerful language.

Filled with lot of information in one book, this serves as a perfect guide for reference also. There are a ton of clearly outlined examples which are useful and understandable at the same time.

Grab a copy of the book here

The book is totally worth the price, even though its a bit on the higher side for a series of Books! If you like the book very much, I would recommend grabbing the entire set the series as well.

2.Core and Advanced Java Black Book

Java book 2
Core and Advanced Java Black Book

Nostalgic feeling when i read this book for the second time while writing the review! This book was the backbone during my high school, marking, reading and practicing the concepts for over 1000 times to get through the exams! I spent an year with this book while studying for my degree also. This book is a time traveller! With continuous update of concepts and revised editions being launched one after the other (Revised edition 2018 is the latest) the concepts are extremely in-depth.

The book is written by a team of experienced trainers and content developers with a huge amount of experience in this field.

The book is printed by Dreamtech Press, with a paperback and kindle versions available. Content wise, the book is an in-depth explanation for the following concepts.

OOPS to abstract classes and interfaces; from software packaging to providing API documents; error handling to converting fundamental data into object form; collection framework to streams and creating client and server program to threads; creating GUI applications to generics and communication with database. It also covers all Java related technologies, such as JDBC 4.0, Servlets 3.1, JSP 2.3, Expression Language 3.0, JSTL 1.2, Hibernate, Struts 2 and Spring 3.0.

The book seems overwhelming if you want to learn it all at once, but if the purpose is to read the basics to advanced concepts strong, don’t forget to buy this one out!

You can grab a copy of the book here.

A bit too pricy compared to the books out there, but definitely worth this huge price owning to the content that is packed inside.

3.Head First Java: A Brain-Friendly Guide

Head First Java: A Brain-Friendly Guide
Head First Java: A Brain-Friendly Guide

The “Head First” series is always popular among the reader/programmers to learn the basics because of the quirky way of presenting the language to the user. This book does the same. How can you not include a “Head First” book in the list of top 10 java books. This book however is primarily aimed at people who want to learn the Basics Only. The book starts of with diving straight into creating a object, array and what not but does not go beyond all the major concepts(May be 50 percent of what the black book in list 2 does).

The major con that i found was that, if you are a virgin developer (Some one who is learning programming for the very first time), this book may not be very useful for you! The book assumes you already know some of the basic concepts, like arrays, variables etc. It jumps straight up into teaching JAVA. This book however, is a must read for some one who already has a very less knowledge about programming(Maybe even a day or two experience knowing what a variable or arrays are).

This “Head first” series on JAVA just got a revised 2nd edition (Kindle Only) with the latest JAVA version, and has got some updated additional content on it as well.

Written by Kathy Seira, a well know name in the field of JAVA, you can be assured of some fundamentally strong concepts!

The book also contains a Kindle Edition. Make sure to grab a copy, you will definitely enjoy the quirky style of writing!

4.Learn Java in One Day and Learn It Well

Learn Java in One Day and Learn It Well
Learn Java in One Day and Learn It Well

That is what this book says you can do! I was a bit skeptical at first, because you cannot learn a programming language in a day! Whoever says you can is either scamming you or they don’t know what they are talking about.

The natural question is why is this book at position 4 then, if you take a look at the amazon reviews for this book here, you will see that it has got strong reviews. I was curious to know what it was going to teach me in a day. I went ahead and read it and at first it seemed like something every book teaches!! The twist however was, it was packaged super good and the content was aimed at teaching a fresh developer(If you are looking to learn android, but know nothing about JAVA, get this book. This will teach you everything in a DAY!). The book contains at the max 10-15 concepts and it is packaged in such a way that, once you finish reading this book, you are very well suited to start programming from tomorrow!

The book is written by Jamie Chan, who has other notable learn it in a day books as well including python, c#, CSS.

The twist however is, JAVA is not this much. JAVA is huge, vast, caters to every nook and corner a language can do. This book will not teach you any of that(Unlike the Black book!). It will teach you what a first time developer or a beginner needs to learn.

You learn the basics strong and can jump straight into ANDROID from tomorrow! Don’t forget to check the book out here.

The book has a free KINDLE version!! Make sure to grab a book and learn the basics in a day.

5. Java: A Beginner’s Guide

Java: A Beginner's Guide
Java: A Beginner’s Guide

If you were interested to learn JAVA in one day from the previous list. How about i tell you, you can learn JAVA in 3 days!! (Thats what my assumption is if you are a beginner). The book is vast and at the same time precise enough to teach you what is required to learn basics in JAVA strongly.

Written by Herbert Schildt, who is very famous for his book on c++, comes with another master piece of writing with this one.

The book handles all the basic concepts very well. Definitely worth looking at as a basic JAVA Guide. I am inclining towards this book as a Learn it one day(or maybe two or three, its upto you!).

The con though is that, the book was last revised in the year 2017, which might seem a bit old in terms of JAVA version. The book however is a time traveller!! Can read it in any year, the concepts are going to remain the same.

The book has a paperback, KINDLE version is also available. Make sure to grab the book, you will definitely enjoy reading it.

6. Java – The Complete Reference

java book
Java – The Complete Reference

From Herbet Schildt we saw a master piece of a Beginner’s Guide at position 5. This book however is a complete Reference Guide. I am not going to exaggerate, but it does provide a complete coverage.

Even though the book seems to be a extension of the Beginner’s guide at the beginning, you are amazed at home vast the concepts are. The in-depth explanation with lot of practical examples, the book does offer a complete reference.

There cannot be one book that can call itself the encyclopedia of JAVA. This book however comes close to that with wide and vast range of content touching all the important topics and much more.

The book is a must for any developer, from a newbie to a experienced veteran in JAVA and Android also.Make sure to grab the book have one with you all the time!

7. Programming with JAVA

Programming with JAVA
Programming with JAVA

I am sure many of the Indian Computer Science students (Major in computers in their high school) will agree with me, when i say Balagurusamy was a common name in their curriculum. The person who ruled the high school with his infamous Programming with JAVA book imbibing the basics with a staunch punch.

Going though the book, i happened to understand the amount of concepts that still are fresh and alive even with the current versions of JAVA (Latest edition covers all the JAVA changes as well). The book is again a master piece from an Indian Author and holds the 7th position in the list.

This is a must read for anybody choosing to program or develop, as this is not merely a JAVA only book but also contains the important design principles included( Even though the design principles are not emphasised or pronounced, it does teach best practices as part of it).

You can grab the book here.

The book is lesser than all the books in the list. But it is worth the buy as you can come out reading the concepts with a clearer understanding. The advantage of the book, however, is that, it caters very well to the Indian School of teaching, where in the concepts are re-emphasised effectively.


In a quest to find the best books for a beginner to start programming in JAVA (to ultimately transition into one of the most powerful development language, Android), i ended up creating a list with 7 books in total.

The books are primarily aimed at learning JAVA from the ground up. All the 7 books do that, with varying level of difficulty and ease of reading included.

There however is a very minor problem that i faced while writing this this. The original plan was to compile 10 best books(It is a good number to give to the readers), however i fell short of good ones to present to you, the readers.

This shows the sheer amount of books that promise, advocate teaching the language easily(I found close to 100 books which are outdated, in terms of revised editions). Make sure to grab copies from this list as they are continuously being  updated and revised every year.

Drop me any comments below if you have any more suggestions for the readers.

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