10 Must Have Plugins for Android Studio(Bonus Included)

10 Must Have Plugins for Android Studio(Bonus Included) – Quadrapule Your Productivity

There are a lot of plugins for Android Studio out there that can perform various things to improve productivity. In this Tutorial, I have compiled the best of them to help you increase your overall speed of creating an Android app.

The following Android Studio plugins are also categorized based on the Kotlin Support it provides. Power Up Your IDE with these super cool plugins


I am going to start this blog post with a very powerful Plugin. In the days back when there were not very much “Smart Code” support from your Android Studio. This one was(and still is) my go-to plugin.

A community-driven¬†plugin which has not one but Thousands of code expanders that can definitely power pack your IDE. The Plugin, however, is for Mac OS only. But don’t worry, I have packed some powerful plugins similar to this for Windows as well.

Coming to Exynap, I have a much more detailed post about it here if you want to want to take a look at. The general ability to triple your Speed is mainly through the ease of use when it comes to this Android Studio Plugin. Packed with the ability to understand Natural Language, you are sure given the power to code with nothing but sentences!

The setup takes very less time and you are up and running in minutes to kick-start your App Building process. I have a sample below. Check out how fast and cool it is.

Exynap Android Studio Plugin
Exynap Android Studio Plugin

We have seen the power of the Community-Driven platform of Exynap but there are still some shortcomings to it.

  • The power it brings to the front comes with some minor disadvantage in terms of taking up too much memory and power to process
  • The V2 is supposed to have a considerable improvement in terms of processing power. The speed with which the natural languages are understood still is an area for improvement
  • This being a community-driven plugin, meaning a lot of programmers contribute to the code fillers, there are minor errors that crop up now and then(I had wrong code while creating AsyncTask once, which was corrected later though)

These cons, however, are negligible when compared to its power. You can follow the steps given above to make this Android Studio plugin part of your powerhouse of an IDE.

This one takes the first place in my must-have Android Studio Plugins.

Mirror – Faster UI Development

Ever felt Gradle build is really slowing down your UI development? Well, here is the solution, don’t look any further as this plugin is going to save a ton of time in building the UI. A small change in your UI needn’t get built again by Gradle. All it needs is a simple Mirror and then UI magically loads with the changes you made.

Take a peek at how the Mirror works!

Mirror Android Studio Plugin
Mirror Android Studio Plugin


This plugin is definitely a must-have. The problem, however, is that it is not a freemium plugin.

You will have to pay a fee to use it after the 30-day free trial. The money will definitely not a waste as it does have the ability to pump up your productivity by a huge margin!

This one takes the second place in my must-have Android Studio Plugins.

ADB Wifi

Using an Emulator to test your Application is great, however, it is always recommended to test your application in a physical device. The primary hardship of using a physical device is the use of a wired USB to connect to your device. I have wasted hours fixing the USB to run the application. On top of that making the Gradle build and then installing the APK can seem daunting enough.

The solution to this problem is the use of ADB Wifi(The android studio now has the provision to connect to your device over Bluetooth). You can connect your mobile in the same network as your computer and transfer the APK to be installed.

That is a real winner when it comes to performing faster APK builds and testing the code on a real device.

ADB Wifi
ADB Wifi

This one takes the third place in my must-have Android Studio Plugins.

String Manipulation

Ever had the need to switch between CamelCase and Kebab Case, or maybe an underscore separated case. You might have 100 string which needs to be sorted. There may be a situation to create 100 incremental numbers in a fly. Not just this, there are 100 of different things you can do with this String Manipulation plugin. The powerhouse of a plugin definitely is going to improve your ability to create faster code.

You can find how great this plugin is from the images below.

String Manipulation
Android Plugin for String Manipulation
Switching between case is very easy now
Increment on the fly - Android Studio Plugin
Increment on the fly

This one takes the fourth place in my must-have Android Studio Plugins.

Android Parcelable Code Generator

The Parcel class is an Android implementation of Serialisable which we usually do in Java. This interface provides a much faster way to interact with activities. You can use this Plugin – Android Parceable code generator to generate the boilerplate code much faster.

Check the implementation below.

You will be creating a simple Model(User in this case below) and on loading the Parcelable plugin to generate the boilerplate code.

Parcelable Code For Android Studio
Command+n to open the dialog
Parcelable Code For Android Studio
Parcelable Code Confirmation For Android Studio
Parcelable Code For Android Studio
Parcelable Code For Android Studio

This one takes the fifth place in my must-have Android Studio Plugins.

Butterknife Injection

Butterknife is a very important part of any Android Developers lifestyle(I am serious with this one). The need for butterknife to make your life easy is not a joke. Injecting View on the fly instead of creating an Object for each and every piece of View in your layout is no joke. The Butterknife Injection plugin does that specifically for you! If you have used butterknife before, you will find this one very useful. It is definitely a time saver and a Must Have for an Android Developer.

This one takes the sixth place in my must-have Android Studio Plugins.


You may not be aware of Butterknife(I very much recommend you use that though) but might need the usual approach of creating the View/Viewgroup object using the FindViewById method call. You can create the object to all the View/ViewGroups in your Layout using the FindViewByMe plugin below.

Check the Implementation.





This one takes the seventh place in my must-have Android Studio Plugins.

JSON To Kotlin

Kotlin is a newer language and the plugin database is not filled up with options yet. There is, however, this one plugin that can save up a lot of time and effort when you generate the Kotlin Data class. You will need to create a simple JSON and the JSON to Kotline Class plugin will take care of converting it into a Kotlin class.

This one is a real time saver when it comes to generating much needed Kotlin Classes (Clients are now becoming specific with what language they need their Applications in).

Do give it a try. Check the image below for clearer implementation

alt text

This one takes the eighth place in my must-have Android Studio Plugins.

Code Glance

Code Glance is another useful plugin. This is going to transform your IDE into a sublime like code glance on the sides. This can be helpful if you are switching between classes and have to get to a particular part of the class quickly.

This plugin is a handy one but may not be a must-have considering that it doesn’t add any extra angle to your process of developing an App.

Check out the Example UI Below.

Code Glance Android Studio Plugin
Code Glance Android Studio Plugin

This one takes the ninth place in my must-have Android Studio Plugins.


Power Mode 2

Having a bit of fun never killed anybody!! Become the powerful programmer with this nothing but stupid(Still cool though) plugin for Android Studio.

It does nothing except spit fire and shakes your IDE giving the PowerHouse feel!

Check out the Gif below to understand the power that I am talking about!


This one takes the Tenth place in my must-have Android Studio Plugins.

Special Mention

Debugging is a part of being a programmer. As much as you write a beautiful piece of code, there is obviously going to be some amount of debugging required when you are developing an App. The following plugin is a must have’s when it comes to debugging. They not only save you a ton of time but are also very accurate in showing you the bugs in your code.

Find Bugs

Find Bugs used to be one of my Go To plugin to debug my application. The creators of the plugin, however, have stopped giving any support to this beauty of a plugin. The plugin got its last update in 2016 and has been left to collect dust. With the coming of Lint for Android, this plugin is technically a dead meat. I wanted to give this one beauty of a Plugin a Special Mention, however, wouldn’t recommend using it anymore.

All of the plugins listed above are a part of my Day to Day development. It does improve your productivity and reduces typing redundant code one after the other. Be sure to try them out in your Android Studio and let me know what you felt in the comments below.

“Learn and Be Curious”

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