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Is Android really Dying? What is Google thinking!!

Is Android Dying? Analysing the Road it has taken so far!

Let’s face the reality. Google owns 85% of the market with Android right now! But why is suddenly everyone having this question. The truth is Google has started having other ideas about its successful operating system. The success story of the internet giant building an OS system on top of a Linux kernel has hit a road block.

Every Android Developer/fanboy is aware of the project called Project Fuchscia¬†which is based on a new MicroKernel called Zircon. Ok so let that be on one side. What do you think of the new Android Pie release. Isn’t is super cool! Well let me break the truth, it is the maximum push the Android system is capable of. Android 9 has got every major push from all ends, but still it cannot go any further because of cluttered abstraction layers built on top of Linux Kernel.

This becomes a hindrance for various reasons and Google’s new Project is aimed to solve this. But, that aside, what about the Androidprogramming (Java at its core) go towards??


Android Applications – Where will they go?

Think about this, you are a Giant corporation, owning 85% Market in Smartphone category. The total number of applications in Google Play Store is at 3.8 million! Will you decide one day to stop supporting all of that, and ask everyone to migrate to a newer language completely.

Also, think about this, the companies that has picked up open source OS like Android and built successful companies with that(Amazon is a major example, almost all the devices use Android at its core and has built their own OS FireOS on top it) will be rendered incompatible because of Google moving towards a newer operating system.

The answer is you got to understand what Google is thinking as a company. At its core, it wants to provide value to the customers, improve the market share for sure, and aid in providing very high performing devices. Now, Google as a company thinks, it cannot be done with Android and wants to build a newer Operating system. That does not mean Android is completely useless. Infact, Android was, is and will continue to lead the Market for lot of years. But, Google wants to create another OS that it can operate with ease when compared to Android.

This infact raises our next question.

What will happen to the Applications in Google Store then?

This question is still not very clear. The entire theory that Google’s Android Pie release has got something new for developers (Since Fuchsia project started in 2016) was broken when it continue its support with Android itself. The entire question of back filling these Android apps to a newer kernel is a bigger problem that a company like Google will be facing.

The Google chrome OS currently has some number of Android application running on it. How is this possible, well think of another layer on top of the Chrome OS to support Android applications (Layer after Layer!!). This can be the same with the successor of Android also. The point to note here is that, Google is too deep inside with Android and it cannot remove the support in a day’s time.

Android Successor – What’s in store for the Developers

From a developer point of View, whatever the Android’s successor is going to be, it will continue to support lots and lots of currently running Android applications as well. Will it go to a tried and tested JVM (Java is still buggy, but it has resurrected a lot of times) or maybe to a newer language.

The developers have got lots in store for the years to come, but for now sit back and enjoy the Android Pie latest library additions.

The number of applications hitting the play store will see a rise for some time and hit a bottle neck and stop (This is what Google predicted way back and started working on a newer Kernel), this is when the power of a newer kernel and a newer Operating System will become evident. As a developer keep creating value and deliver purposeful Android applications. Jumping to a newer systems will not be very difficult, however it will definitely be very difficult for the smartphone giant, Google!!

Futuristic Gadgets - Google
Futuristic Gadgets – Google

Android’s Successor – What’s in store for the Customers

Reading through this post, this is the one question that has to be answered first. Is Google trying to solve a buggy Android System and create a Successor, or is it trying to do something more than that?

The answer is, yes, Google is thinking 10 years ahead and thinking about the Smartphone and Smart Wearables that will become very common (The primary funds are targeting at a new segment called as smart wears!).

This is where the customer experience will see a increase in useful products. From home automation to electronic gadgets to make our everyday life easy, Google believes it is not possible with a legacy code driven system like Android. The successor of Android, with a revamped, completely controllable smarter Kernels will serve this purpose for them.

Giant like Google do face problems with a System they built years ago, this is where the smarter transitions are important to compete with ever growing need for Electronics. Will it be successful? will it really serve the purpose it intends to do? All these questions have got one answer only, we have to wait and watch.

But for the primary question this blog intends to answer. Is Android Dying? The answer is NO, IT IS NOT! It is very much still the front runner, and will continue to.


Please note: This is a personal opinion of the author and does not intend to project any companies/ corporation’s opinion in any capacity.

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