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List of things you need to design a professional Android App

List of things you need to design a professional Android App

Ok lets face it, you have learnt to code, you have learnt the concepts in Android programming to create your first App, if you have read my post here, you will know that there are tons of things that stand as a difficulty before you start programming. You have crossed all that, but you still face the difficulty to develop a “Product”. Remember, there is a saying in the App world, it is 30 percent how it works, and 70 percent how it looks! The point is, you can develop a stunning application with lots and lots of functionalities, but if you dont pay attention to the aesthetics of the application like i have talked here, you have failed to develop a ”Product”. People dont like, hanging buttons with no color to it, and simple Menu drawer coming in and out. They expect cool designs associated with good functionality.
I have listed down, the set of tools, that you will need to start designing an Application from Scatch and develop a stunning Product in the end.
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What is the major difference between your app and the ones in the market? THINK!!!

Wireframing Tools

If you want to develop like a professional, make sure to learn how they work. Every big application that has become a hit, wouldnt have started designing straight away, rather taken time to go for the agile approach, where you are required to first collect the requirements and form a simple sketch of how you are going to go about your application. There are tons of tools out there, but, my favourite will be, this isnt very elobarate or complex looking tool. You are taken to your sketching area straight away and can start working on you wireframe idea immediately. This is enough for some one who is learning to sketch as it can save lots of hours from finalising a design when done through any other application. You can save the wireframe as an image and can go about, modelling your app based on that. If you are interested to learn some more about wireframing, you can check out their youtube channel for lots of tutorials which are pretty cool themselves.

Choosing your Pallete

Once, you are done with wireframing, you can go about designing your application. But, remember, you cant always have 20 different colors in the app and make it awkward for the eyes, rather, make it pleasant by choosing a color Pallete. You have to stick to the color scheme, and believe me, your application will look very professional, as soon as you stick to those colors alone. I would recommend you to check all the pallete finders out there, but this one here, is very good in choosing the color because, apparently, it has 1 million color schemes to choose from. Just browse in and check the palletes out manually, or press a button and it will give you a random color pallete for you to choose. Once, you are done with the color pallete, just ensure that the color pallete sticks to your theme. This is another critical step as it can impact how people recieve your application.


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Color is the game changer!!

Layout designer

They say, not all can design a layout, which is very very true. The patience it takes and the level of detail you have to add to make a design click, it isnt everybody’s cuppa. Well, it wasn’t unless, this application hit the market. The SketchApp, was primarily designed for IOS layout designing, where you are required to design the layout like a normal photoshop image and the Application takes care of giving you a XML document with your design. The app was a major hit that it won lots of awards from various design conclaves. The app is now a primary player in Android and IOS designing sectors because of the ease with which you can create your design lot faster when compared to the conventional method. The major disadvantage however is that you cannot get this application in other Operating Systems except MAC. Don’t worry, if you guys dont have a MAC, there are few good ones for Windows like figma and can be pretty useful, but doesn’t have the power that a SketchApp has.

IDE (Duh! Ofcourse)

In my post here, I had written about the importance of a stable IDE, but again, it is not the only thing to design a amazing application. However, the speed with which you can end up designing an application is far better when compared to doing it without an IDE. It provides a stable environment where you have everything in one place. Say for exampling, Instant Run feature with Android Studio, or a Gradle Sync which pulls in all your dependencies. These can play a crucial role when you are looking at a agile approach. My suggestion will be to go for Android Studio, since it is a widely used, tried and tested product. There are various others in the market, including Eclipse as well. Take a look  around and check out your comfortable IDE.


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Think of these as your SAVIOUR

App is built, what’s next?

If you are a Indie Developer, who has the next successful app idea and wants to take the world by storm, keep in mind, you cannot succeed unless you test it. Iam sure, you would have tested it top to bottom, before you get a successful release APK. However, nothing can match a test like it is done by the customers. From a programmers perspective, you are required to perform a Beta Testing of the app. There are various other things that has to workout as well, like a good Marketing strategy and proper Release structure, but all of it can be done, only when you have a stable App. Not when your app crashes regularly. Android play store release manager contains a lots of testing tools in built, from Beta testing to A/B testing, you can make sure your app is strengthened before its actual release.
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Let your customers test it!
There are few more like, planning a platform oriented approach, localising your content, before you build your App (This can be a major game changer), but all of it can be reserved for another post.
The strength or the success of your application is dependent on various other factors and doesn’t stop with building it alone. The tools listed above are only limited to building aspects and not related to the marketing aspect. You have to research a lot and set a proper marketing plan even before you start building your application.
Maybe that can come in my next post. But for now, Happy Coding!!!


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