Android Programming – Three Biggest Mistakes Beginners do

The Three Biggest Mistakes you do when you start with Android Programming

What was the first thing that made you type ‘Android programming’ in google? Was it because, you saw your friend making the first app? or are you a 12 year old kid who wants to take the world by storm by creating the next big Android application, whatever it maybe, do you have a purpose? If the answer for the questions are yes then half the job is done, you are on the right track.
In my previous post, i had mentioned how people find it difficult to start programming in Android, and what are the ways you can pick up Android, and the difficulties that are associated with that. Give it a read once, and then come here, or maybe not! Its upto you!!
Below, I list the 3 important things that is a major mistake that I personally commited, when I furst jumped into programming in Android. Am not going to ask you guys not to make the same mistake, but to be mindful of where the pit is, and where the plain land is.

Mistake 1: Thinking I can master the language quickly, because, I already had experience in other languages

Before I started with Android, C/ C++/Java/ Python/ Node JS and Web development were the areas that I was primarily revolving around for 5 – 6 years, when one day, I wanted to create applications that would be at the maximum, useful for the people in someway. I am 21 now and I think, I wasted close to 4 months, thinking, the language can be easily mastered. The problem was, you never can! Just like any other programming language, Android is a ocean on its own. Its just not Java alone, it has its own set of difficulties which you need to be aware of. You start with an activity and go to huge extent to learn about lots and lots of concepts, before you lose the interest to try anything out.
By the time I realised I cant just read a language and become a master without practicing it on a daily basis and making mistakes and learning, I had wasted 4 months. So, after realising it and deciding to create my first Android Application called Follow My Friend, I understood the next big challenge.

Mistake 2: Android Programming can be very challenging, if you struggle to understand the User Interface part (Aesthetics My Friend)

There were days, when i was banging my head to understand what colours will go with the app, or which color to complement the primary color. Which button to use, and what font will go with the theme.

If you are like me, thinking how does a top rated Android app made it big, its because they have poured hours into designing the User Interface. This in itself is a major challenge for lots and lots of people.
This is not a simple Command Line setup, where you input some numbers and capture the output in a a log file. The design and the User feel plays a very important role, and you cannot, make it big with a very meek UI.
Dont try to take it hard on yourself, because, you dont understand the combination. For people like us, we have no other choice but to learn the trade. So, the second biggest struggle as I have mentioned here was to wrap my head around, the aesthetics to a Android Application, the web development, background helped me, even though, i wasnt a very strong Front – end designer, I had a ball learning about these.
So, understand that the App cannot make it, if you dont concetrate on the appeal of it.

Mistake 3: Nothing comes without Practice

Android is growing, it will continue to. It has 88% presence in the global market and it doesnt look like its coming down any time soon. The need to learn the basics right and practicing plays a key role when you are starting.
Dont worry about the complexity of the Application yet. Like my mentor used to say, you can always learn to optimise the code, make it work first.
This mentality is something that might be argued to be wrong, but it is nothing wrong when you are starting. Finding ways to make something work, will not only give you one path (i can give you one simple link to learn the basic concepts, but it isnt that easy), it will give you lots and lots of paths and you get the solution only though trial and error.
I realised all of this when i picked my first Android application – Follow My Friend. It is a simple location tracker that lets you follow your family and friends in real time. I used to think that Android apps might die very soon. Every single year my expectations were shattered and the community kept growing.
The time when I used to code in other languages like python, I was amazed at how easy the on boarding process was. It had simple syntax, easy to learn concepts, and easy to start from the word go .
Remember, if it was easy, everyone will be a Millionaire!!!!!!!!

Do not Hesitate

You can drop in comments below, I will be more than happy to answer them. Do check out my easiest way to start with Android programming. I have listed out the steps to create your not so “Hello World” App.
Check my first application out here, it will open your mind as a developer.

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